So you have an existing business and already have a 360 Google Maps Street View tour. These may have been taken 10+ years ago or just a few months ago. The question is when or should you update your street view tour? Let take a look at the reasons you would want to update your Google Maps Street View Tour.

Update Google Maps Street View Tour For My Business? When?!?!

Update Google Maps Street View Tour For My Business When


You may have had a Google Maps tour created a couple of years ago, but you have since renovated your physical space. Anything from a fresh coat of paint to a complete remodel. You want to showcase how your business looks online as though someone was physically walking through it. Imagine you had a street view tour and it was of your older building style. Wouldnt you want your customers to see the more modern and fresh look. Peoples impressions of a business are created even before they step one foot into the location. So why not showcase your business in the most modern and best possible light.

The Old Street View Tour Is Really Old

Your premise may look the same as 10+ years ago, BUT  the fact is technology in 360 photography has rapidly improved. The images may have been taken with cameras whos resolutions are much lower. To give you an example, 360 cameras used to be of only HD quality which is really really really blurry. To put it into context, we photograph in resolutions ranging from 8k resolution and much higher. In simple terms, we photograph anywhere from 16-32 times the resolution of a 360 HD camera in crystal clear quality. You want your location to look modern and sharp when people find you online. For a better understanding of the difference, check out this blog comparing low-end equipment vs professional 360 camera.


Some businesses have different products every year/months. This means their entire layout changes quite frequently. A great example is Gang Gang Gallery in Lithgow. We photographed their location with links to all their artworks for sale. Its a great walkthrough and worth checking out. Many of the artworks have sold since them and updating the tours seasonally may be an advantage.

Current Tour Could Have Been Done Better

Many people don’t know the finer details of what to look for when they look at 360 photography. There can be a lot of issues that photographers leave out. At Simply 360, we go out of our way to deliver the best 360 imagery possible. Everything from 360 photos felling like you are tilted, walls split in half and even random body parts appearing in images due to bad stitching and editing. Now that you have seen more examples of 360 images, it may be time to upgrade. Check out this blog on the more common issues that 360 photos have if not edited properly and what to look for.

Should You Update Google Maps For Your Business

If you have a 360 Google Maps tour and would like it updated contact us today on 02 9674 9090 or fill out the form on this page. Upgrade the street view tour to one that is fresh, modern and represents how your business looks today. If you don’t have a Google Maps Street View Virtual Tour check out our blog on why they are amazing for your business.

Are you looking to create a virtual tour for your company? What features/ benefits best suit what you are looking to integrate into your tour? Did you ever think of a virtual tour as a sales tool? Let us know below and join the discussion by leaving a comment ūüôā

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