What if you could give potential buyers the ability to experience what it is like to sit in one of your vehicles without being on-site? Introducing Simply 360 automotive photography and video – 360 experiences! Don’t get me wrong, 360 photography has been in the US and Europe for a few years. Now it’s Australia’s turn to experience this amazing technology!

We only utilise the latest in 360 VR technology to bring your cars to life using the latest 8k 360 VR technology. While many will use 4k technology the simple truth is that it does not hold up the standard of 8k. This will also future proof your images/video and hold your dealership to the highest standard possible.

Imagine one of your potential buyers at night reading on your site of what is available. Instead of them having to read the specs why not let them be INSIDE your car seeing. Let them see what it looks like from every angle in every seat.

We offer 8k 360 car video to let your clients feel what it is like to be inside the car. Imagine your top salesperson giving a 5-minute drive around the block giving a detailed yet exciting pitch for one of your vehicles. We have the unique ability to record the trip in 8k whilst they talk about the benefits of any vehicle. Your client will feel like they are really inside the car being driven, just be using a headset. Then when they come into the shop it reaffirms what they felt, it’s truly an exhilarating experience.

Are you looking to host an event and want an edge to get truly noticed? We also offer 4k live streaming in 360 video. Imagine showcasing your exhibition rooms with the latest cars, coming out with a new model car and live streaming it to your audience in crisp 360 4k. Imagine taking your customers on a ride with you LIVE while in the comfort of their home can take a drive alongside you LIVE anywhere in the world. This technology is compatible across all desktop computers, tablets and mobiles.

Our technology is compatible with any device such as a desktop, Mac, PC, iPhone, Android, Windows phone, iPad and tablet. We are able to provide the 360 VR experience with or without the headset. We will also brand any photos with your dealership logos if you wish so that other dealerships do not take the images for their own.

Car Interior Steering Wheel Red Black

Some Statistics To Think About:

  • 360 videos receive 29% more views than traditional video
  • When it comes to viewing information online 80% said that imagery was important
  • Across the board 360 photography and video have higher engagement than traditional photos/video including live streams.
  • In general viewership averages, 3 fold for 360 compared to traditional media of photo and video.

What We Provide

  • High resolution 360 photo and 360 video in super crisp 8k resolution
  • We can embed your logo in the base of the photos and videos so it is truly yours if requested
  • Show you how to utilise the photo and video for your website and various social media platforms.

Give your customers the experience the very best you have to offer while at home. Let the 360 photos and videos speak for themselves and overcome objections before they even enter the dealership. This technology can help attract the right type of clientele and minimise negotiation time. They would have already experienced the car before taking a single step in your dealership. Stop trying to be ahead of the curve and become the benchmark in innovation, simply Contact Us today.