Retail & Showrooms

Looking to get your store, showroom or factory online but unsure how? No fear, we have the answer – a 360 virtual tour!

Our technology allows you to create unique 360 immersive experiences and bring your location to your client wherever they are. With our amazing hotspots, we can help you to showcase any product through the tour with links to contact you directly, make an enquiry or even purchase online!

We can create a 360 virtual tour of your that can be uploaded to your website, allowing your visitors to check out your space while in the comfort of their own office or home. Our tours are also compatible with Google Maps, allowing you to reach even more people online.

Benefits of a 360 Virtual Tour with Simply 360

  • Instant online exposure and available 24/7
  • Customise the tour to suit your business needs
  • Shareable on social media and compatible on multiple devices
  • Email the tour as a link to prospective clients
  • Users can experience in the convenience of their own home/office
  • An excellent online marketing tool that can be integrated onto your website
  • No additional monthly fee if you choose to host the tour yourself (we will provide all files and upload instructions)

What’s great is that you do NOT need a VR headset; they add to the experience BUT are not the only way to view the content. It is compatible with all modern-day smartphones, tablets and desktop computers (Mac or PC).

Virtual Tours are an essential online marketing tool for your business. You can showcase any element or area of your store from the front of the house with displays through to the offices in the back or even the warehouse. With our hotspots, you can highlight select items and give users the ability to interact with your business online.

Our high quality, immersive 8k 360 photography combined with clickable hot spots will showcase features, contact details (to call/email within the tour) or existing images/video or text. We custom design your tour interface to ensure that it suits your organisation’s branding guidelines.

Don’t Forget Google Maps!

In this day and age, everyone is spending more and more time online. A 360 walkthrough / virtual tour content is the best online sales tool available on the market today. As Google Certified Photographers we can upload your virtual tour to Google Maps and link to your Google My Business profile. This will allow users online to see your business on Google Maps. Not only will they see where you are located, but have the ability to see inside. This not only helps with your online map ranking but also assists in showing your business in a more professional light. 

Check out some of our client’s locations on Google Maps below:

Our Technology 

All our 360 photo and video packages are compatible with any device and platform. This ranges from smartphones, desktops, tablets, Mac, PC, iPhone, Android, Windows Phone, among others. Finally, we give can also give you the footage so you can share it on your website, social media (EG Facebook, YouTube) and via email.

So what are you waiting for? Contact Us today to get started on promoting your shop, showroom or factory. If you are looking for 360 Google Street View to integrate your business with Google Maps further or a venue layout, check us out here.