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Live Guided Virtual Tour

Introducing: Live Guided Virtual Tour! A feature so cutting edge it not only lets people explore your business/property it enables you to speak to them as though you are right in from of them on-site in real-time.

Virtual tours are great at showcasing your space, and with our custom branding and design, we can tailor a virtual tour to your needs. This new feature makes the tour seamless with the ability to interact and speak to people inside the tour itself. Imagine being able to show a client around your business/ property/ showroom and give them a curated experience. Guide and show them directly to relevant points of interest and answer their questions along the way. Check out the video above to see how it works.

How It Works

Using your computer, phone or tablet you connect in a Zoom/Skype styled meeting manner so you can talk and see each other. Using the latest in P2P technology, very little data is used for these video calls. You simply log into the back of the tour and wait for your prospective client to connect. From there, you can engage with your client directly whilst being able to see each other. You can also take control of the tour (and their screen) and show them relevant hotspot information in real-time. Additionally, you can use this technology to give a group presentation.

How You Can Use This Technology

Live guided tours are used in a variety of ways:

  • 1-On-1 Meetings: guide your client through your property, business or facility.
  • Large Presentations: if you have a presentation, you can have multiple people online viewing the tour. They can hear you, and you can mute them in group situations quickly and easily with a Q & A at the end of the tour.
  • Walk-ins: just like someone who walks into your property but is visiting via your website. You can have staff logged in the back end and allow clients to connect and be shown around. Clients will be able to see your space and ask questions as though they were on-site, in person.

Who Is It Great For

This technology is great for anyone needing to present and showcase the tour without having to leave the office or the client leaving their home/work. This technology is ideal for:

  • Nursing-Homes / Aged Care Facilities: showcase your facility and rooms to people who are unwell or unable to travel.
  • Art Galleries: Showcase your various works of art to anyone in the world as though they are in the gallery.
  • Retail Spaces: Promote your products and services to clients and give them the option to buy direct through the tour.
  • Government & Council Run Facilities: Allow people to view and walk through spaces available for hire.
  • Real-Estate Agents: Show your house/apartment to prospective buyers/renters without having to set up Open homes and have people view from the comfort of their homes.
  • Multi-site located businesses: instead of your BDM continually driving around, they can stay at one place saving lots of time and connect with more clients.
  • Anyone needing to book an appointment to visit a site
Live Guided Virtual Tour Example

You can showcase your property/business as though you were with your client in person.

How It Helps & Adds Value (Saves you time and money)

Time is money and continually having to meet people is a time-consuming task. Imagine never hearing from a client “sorry we are half-an-hour late” or waiting 20 minutes for a no-show. This will free up your time during the day to focus on other parts of the business. Additionally, you can have one person manage and showcase multiple properties/locations at once all while they are at their desk. With a live guided tour, you can effectively increase the number of appointments you can do in a day by 50%-200%. You can also advertise set viewing/tour times for group walk-throughs.

Additionally, clients who need to see your space but live far away may not traditionally come to see your location. By meeting in a live guided tour your reach effectively becomes limitless and you can target a new range/demographic of clientele. A great example is a venue space in Sydney. The event manager was able to showcase the space via a live guided virtual tour and discuss package upgrades with a client who was living in Wollongong. They were able to answer all their questions and allow the client to walk through the space. The client booked their wedding with them!

Live Guided Virtual Tours: The next level in remote engagement!

Live guided tours are an essential tool for any business that requires someone to have on-site inspections. By utilising this technology, you can save time, money, enrich existing clientele all while creating new opportunities.

Are you looking to have a virtual tour for your organisation? Contact us today on 02 9674 9090 or fill out the form on this page to take the next steps. We can help and advise on how to market your virtual tour to get maximum exposure using a live guided virtual tour.

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