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Panorama Sydney Harbour 360 Photo 360 Photography

See Sydney In A New Way With 360 Photography

What is a 360 photo or 360 photography? It is actually a 360 panoramic shot that totally encompass all around you. This gives the person viewing the photo a totally immersive experience. Imagine being able to stand anywhere in the world and feel like you are really there. With 360 photography you can put yourself anywhere in the world, any time, any place. The possibilities are endless.

The Highest Quality 360 Photography

At Simply 360 we use the latest in 360 technology. We shoot in the extremely high resolution of 8K which is literally 4 times the quality of what you see on a 4K high end screen. This is because the image is literally stretched around you and the needs to be in the highest resolution possible to still stay clear and sharp.

A little fun fact: before any of our work goes out to the public / clients we check our work on a 4K 65 inch screen with 360 capabilities. This way if any flaws come up, they are easily noticed and our work can be seen on the biggest screens and flawless.

Our 360 photos are able to be viewed on the following:

  • Device Types: Smartphone, desktop & tablets
  • Types Of Computers: Mac, Windows, iPhone, Android, Linux
  • Social media platforms: Facebook, YouTube & 360 speciality sharing sites such as Kuula
  • From the simplest Google Cardboard to high end headsets

Our work can also be embedded right into your site for complete control and be totally shareable. (Take the 360 photo below as an example)

360 Photos Make You Feel Like You Are Literally There!

This is an example 360 photo taken at an event. It is very easily integrated into any website to be seen on your site or even social media. Notice the high resolution detail. No matter if you are viewing this on a smartphone or a large 4k TV our work auto scales depending on your device and screen size making everything seamless. Feel free to double tap the 360 photo below and make it full screen. If you have a VR headset handy, put it on to feel like you are literally in the 360 photo. These 360 photos can be joined together to make a 360 virtual tour.

No matter the content or lighting conditions (the above 360 photo was taken in very low lighting conditions). We are able to photograph indoors and outdoor.

Contact us today by filling out the form on the right. Lets help turn your 360 idea into reality and make it an experience for all.