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Dimitri Cassimatis – Founder

Simply 360 was found by Dimitri Cassimatis. Coming from a marketing / IT background plus having a passion for technology. He invested time to understand and utilise the latest in 360 and VR technology. After working with various 360 & VR technologies for the past several years, he became aware of some interesting facts about the 360 and VR industry for the Australia / New Zealand and Oceanic market.

Firstly the quality of 360 content in Australia was years behind other countries, and the quality was sub-par of what is required for many business applications. Simple things such as 360 photography in low resolution, blurry, poorly stitched and so on. What was more shocking was that as people had no understanding of this technology, this went along for many years unchecked. After investing heavily in the right people, tech, education and following/understanding the latest in 360 trends Simply 360 was born.

Secondly and perhaps the most critical factor, understanding of this cutting-edge technology is widely misunderstood by the average person. When people think of 360 or VR they associate it with Google Maps or that you MUST use a VR headset.

The simple truth is that these are only aspects of the technology and its application is must more diverse. Educating the marketing has been one of the more unique challenges but one that we are most passionate about. When we educate a client how this how this technology works but also how it benefits them is when we are most excited. As Dimitri likes to say:

“Technology for the sake of technology is useless… unless it is understood and implemented correctly”

– Dimitri Cassimatis

Simply 360’s specialises in:

Having a passion for business and marketing to bring together cutting-edge technology that is relatable, usable and will have a positive impact on your business. We are not also 360 and VR content creator but can help you strategies to fine the right solution for you.

Contact us on 02 9674 9090 and speak with one of our 360 / VR experts. Alternatively, you can email us or fill out the form on this page to take your business to the next level!