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Virtual tours are an ideal marketing tool for any business. Simply 360 is an officially trusted and verified Google Street View photography partner. With the ability to capture high-quality virtual tours for any business in stunning 8k resolution (which is four times that of a 4k screen… massive) and link directly to your Google My Business page. From small retail stores to large warehouses and hotels – we can create a virtual tour and install it directly on Google Maps. These tours are hosted on Google Maps and searchable on Google Search. They are linked on your Google My Business page and can be embedded on your website. Check out an example below. Finally, the best part – there is no hosting cost!

What are the Advantages of having a 360 Google Street View of your Business?

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There are numerous reasons for having a professionally detailed 360 street view of your business. For starters, as you know, the dominant search engine is Google. By adding these searchable and clickable panoramic tours of your business, it further integrates your presence on Google. Your presence on Google Maps will be stronger and more prominent plus when people search your company name your Google My Business profile comes up. With the 360 images, your brand will stand out even more and look more professional.

It gives your current and potential clients the ability to see inside your business. They can get a feel of what it is really like and build confidence. For example, if you are a furniture shop, they can see the style of items you sell and attract people easier who identify with your image and style. If you are a venue, you can show your rooms and give people a sense of presence and space before they visit. It will turn your meetings from a viewing to a confirmation of what they have already seen.

Most importantly protect your brand. While you want people to tag and share that they have been to your business the last thing you want is to have badly lit, choppy, substandard amateur photos not showing your brand in the best light. By having a professionally done 360 virtual tour, it shows people your business in the best way possible. This will minimise people from taking amateur 360 photos of your business that do not add value and can hinder it.

What Others Say About Google Maps Street View Photography Tour

If what we said isn’t enough to check out the advantages from Google themselves below:

Furthermore, we keep to Google’s strict standards and blur any faces for privacy concerns. To add we also create the tour and upload everything for you. So contact us today and future proof your business. By using our 8k minimum standard, you are also future-proofing the images. That’s compared to the standard HD or 4k images which can be sub-par by today’s standards.

A 360 Google Street View tour shows your customers exactly where you are. It displays your business in a visual way that engages clients online. The benefit to your digital marketing is obvious; increased visibility, interactivity and a customised online presence.

Contact us today to see how we can bring your physical business into the digital world and further increase your online presence and boost your online profile today!