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360 Virtual Tours in Property & Construction

360 virtual tours in property and constructions have emerged as one of the greatest new technologies in the construction and real estate industry. Here at Simply 360, we use the latest 360 VR 8K resolution technology (that’s right 8K not 4K) to create innovative and immersive virtual tours for any property. We will help you showcase your property or construction project to maximise exposure in the best way possible. All with high quality 360 photo and video. Weather you are starting out your build or want to show off your display suite, we have the solution to give you that edge and more.

For those looking to show off a display suite or a construction site, our hotspots will allow you to showcase all your special features and upgrade options as well as contact information. Speak with clients who are at home and host a Live Guided Tour where you can walk through your site while speaking with them. Our team will work with you to ensure that the virtual tour is customised to your needs and in line with your brand. The call-to-actions can be customised to send leads and enquiries to the relevant teams within your business and the tours can be embedded on your website for a polished and professional look.

Check out this display home below:

What Makes Us Unique?

We add value to your business in the following ways:

  • Use the latest in 8K 360 photography and video as our minimum standard.
  • Band the images with your corporate logo so the images are truly yours.
  • Design a custom user interface to be inline with your brand.
  • Include information hotspots as you require containing additional information for your clients.
  • We also show you how to integrate the 360 photo and video into your own website and social media platforms.

You will be shown how to maximise this new technology to benefit your property and construction business and stand out from the crowd. It’s not just about taking some snazzy 360 photos and leaving you to it. We see ourselves as your complete 360 solution provider. This technology also decreases the amount of people who are not right for the property and cuts down on sales staff chasing irrelevant leads. They will see if the property is right for them without wasting your time and letting you focus on the people who are genuinely interested. For that added tech feel, we can also give you your own 360 Virtual Reality headsets for your office. You will not only understand the experience yourself but also how to use it with your clients.

Our Technology 

All our 360 photo and video packages are compatible with any device and platform. This ranges from smartphones, desktops, tablets, Mac, PC, iPhone, Android, Windows Phone, among others. Finally, we give can also give you the footage so you can share it on your website, social media (EG Facebook, YouTube) and via email.

So what are you waiting for? Contact Us today to get started on promoting your property, display suite or construction site. If you are looking for 360 Google Street View to integrate your business with Google Maps further, check us out here.

Interesting Facts about 360 in Real Estate

Several studies have compiled statistics on the popularity and effectiveness of 360 virtual tours globally over the past few years. Here are some key facts to consider:

  • Over 50% of adult Internet users depend on virtual tours for research when looking for a property.
  • 84% of first-time home buyers and 79% of repeat property buyers search for a home online
  • According to statistics, it is reported that listings with 360 virtual tours receive 87% more views than listings without tours. This includes listing with only still image photography. Also, 54% of buyers who use the site do not look at properties that do not have a 360 virtual tour.

Allow our team to create a fully interactive 360-degree virtual tour for you today. You can use it as a powerful online marketing tool which will not only impress, but give potential clients the ability to ‘virtually’ inspect a location any time day or night. They will see every angle as if they are right there inside the property.  Contact us today to start your 360 real estate journey.