Project Description

Extinkt Tattoos

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The Brief – Google Maps Street View Tour

When the Extinkt Tattoos team contacted us, they had already engaged with another company for a Google Street View Tour of their office in Campbelltown. After speaking with the owner, it turns out their previous person delivered sub-par 360 photos. They had various issues with alignment and bad stitching. Some of the examples can be seen in our blog about the common 360 photography problems when done by amateurs.  They had gone through our site and saw our work’s quality and wanted their Google Maps Street View Tour done by an established, Google Certified and track record of quality 360 photography.

What We Loved About This Project

This was the first time we had a client who was very aware of what a good and bad 360 photo looked like. Additionally, they knew what to look for. It was nice to hear someone who went through our work with a detailed eye and appreciate our work. It’s clients like Extinkt Tattoos that started Simply 360 in the first place and to lift the quality of 360 photography in Sydney.

About The Client

Extinkt Tattoos deliver a premier service for tattoo removal in Sydney’s Macarthur region. Our specialists operate medical-grade laser technology, allowing us to treat a variety of tattoo colours. With extremely short pulses of laser light, they are able to break down the tattoo ink particles into much smaller fragments. This allows your body to naturally clear it away safely and effectively, without any damage to the surrounding skin. They also offer complimentary skin rejuvenation for advanced healing and resurfacing of the treated area. As Campbelltown’s dedicated specialists, they provide an exceptionally high standard of care. They practice with their clients’ safety, privacy and well-being as the top priority.

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