The chances are that either you or one of your team have been thinking about getting some Google Street View images done for your business. The question you are asking yourself is if it is worth it? Today we will explore the world of Google Street View and ask why you should have 360 Photography done for google maps? Do people even see the images, and is there any benefit at all? Does Google Street View matter?… Let us take a look!

Does Google Street View Matter – Like Seriously

Does Google Street View Matter – Like Seriously

Why Have 360 Photos On Google Maps

So you probably have SEO, social media, paid advertising (on and offline) but what is the point of having any 360 Google Street view matter? The simple truth is that Google Maps plays a significant part in peoples search experience. While a traditional online search is essential, the reality is that many people often use Google Maps to search for something local.

How often have you gone to Google maps to find a restaurant or a local hairdresser close to you? Perhaps you are looking up the location of someone you are visiting? The truth is that Google Maps is here to stay, and having a strong maps presence is vital to any brick and mortar business. When people see a 360 Google maps image, it sets the look, feel and tone of what your potential customer will expect.

Do People Even See The 360 Images?

Besides the address on the map, 360 images always pop up. Not only do they see the 360 photos, but for many, it is their first time experiencing your place of work without being there.

The 360 Google Street View above was taken by Simply 360

Mini Case Study – Century 21 Armstrong- Smith Bondi Junction

Take the above 360 Google Maps Street View tour as an example. It was taken in July 2017, and since this blog was published, it has had over 6,000 views on Google maps alone. That’s just from people using Google Maps on their desktop, tablet / iPad or smartphone (iPhone / Android). We also shot a 360 view for their business as well, and you can check it out on their Facebook or YouTube page (the YouTube version is in high-end 360 8k videography).

Does Google Street View Matter Views For Century 21 Armstrong Smith Real Estate

Over 6,000 views from July 2017 to October 2018 – Check Out The Google Tour Above

Mini Case Study – Black Series Campers

Another client called Black Series Campers had their virtual tour last year done by us. From December 2017 to October 2018, they have had over 225,000 views. That is an additional 225,000 views that was just from using Google Maps.

We photographed the entire showroom floor for their 360 Google Maps Street View.

Does Google Street View matter 360 maps

Black Series Campers from December 2017 to October 2018 stats – impressive

Why am I mentioning the two examples above in a raw and straightforward numbers kind of way? The simple truth is that most people do not realise the impact that 360 photography can bring to their business. It literally brings people into your business at any time of the day any place in the world.

Is There Any Benefit At All?

Yes, of course, there is a benefit. In the growing world of digital integration, bringing your business into Google Maps and showcasing in 360 is a must. Besides being found on Google Maps, you can even integrate your street view into your own business. Just like we did with the two examples above.

Not only is there a benefit for additional views in your business, but it will also help with map rankings. Imagine you have two businesses side by side on the street. One has all their Google profile data filled out, and the other does not. Google will showcase the one with more information that is linked stronger into Google Maps.  Adding a street view tour to your business profile further strengthens your presence on Google to keep you one step ahead of the competition. They are also very popular for businesses to put on their contact page and add value to people trying to locate and get a feel of your business.

Does Google Street View Matter – YES!

If for no other reason to utilise Google Maps is for people to find you quickly and easily, that should be priority number one. Contact Simply 360 a trusted and certified Google Street View Photographer today to see how a 360 Google Maps tour can help benefit your business today.

Do you have a Google street view for your business, and how have the results been? Does is help in your eyes for your business? Join the discussion and let us know in the comment section below 🙂