So you are a social media marketer, and you are wondering which social media sites allow 360 photo/video. Well, you have come to the right place as we spend a lot of time researching for our clients what and where they can put their 360 content. Below is a list of well known social media sites that natively support 360 content as well as other solutions for mainstream social media sites in one form or another.

Native 360 Social Media Sites

Social Media Sites That Use 360 Photo / Video Natively


The big daddy of social media natively supports photo and video for 360 content. Since Facebook is the first social media site, it is a great place to upload 360 content. When it comes to 360 photos, it is great because you can easily upload and also tag in the 360 photo people/businesses. It’s a great marketing and sharing platform for 360 content.

When it comes to video, it has some unusual limitations. For starters, Facebook only supports up to 4k resolution (4096 x 2048) which is a shame for us as we record in 8k. Also, the max file size is 1.75GB and must be less than 30 minutes in duration. They do have support for ambisonic sound (3D sound so if you wear a headset the sound changes based on your angle for added realism and immersion). So while it does allow 360 video natively, there are some limitations.

Check out this 360 Facebook Post, also notice how when you hover over a tagged name it turns to that person.


When it comes to online video, most people think of Youtube. With Youtube, you can upload any video size, length and duration. We are able to upload 8k resolution video with no hesitation. The only drawback is that YouTube is known for over-compressing video more than one would like. The average person won’t even realise but its a bugbear amongst video creators.

Check out this 360 YouTube Video in high resolution 8k

Google My Business

Google My Business has native 360 support for photos and videos natively. While this platform is not a traditional social media platform it is still very important, especially for SEO and Map Ranking on Google Street View. You should link your 360 location shots to your business profile for an extra advantage in exposure.

360 Street View Which Can be linked through Google+ can be a very powerful tool


Very similar to YouTube but for professional content creators who want to show off their content in amazing details for video then when it comes to social media, Vimeo is the boss and shows 360 video natively. The primary difference between YouTube and Vimeo is that it allows playback of content that is not as compressed, faster load times and so on. This option is great for videographers and content producers who want to show off their work in the highest possible quality if needed. There is also a paid service from Vimeo to now show ads during the video paypack.


Do you remember that photo-sharing site? Well, they also support 360 photos natively. While not as popular as some of the other sites, for completeness we have added it here.

360 Social Media Sites

While the ones listed above natively support 360 content in either photo/video. There are plenty of solutions available for other mainstream social media sites. This is where 360 social media sites come in. From around 2016 onward a lot of 360 content sites started to appear. They are a great way to host your 360 photos and video without digging into your own hosting and also some added benefits. The 2 that I will mention is Kuula & Veer. Both host 360 content in high resolution with either free or paid plans. There are 2 main reasons for using these type of sites.

Firstly you have a place to host and store your 360 content if needed and you do not want to self-host. They are both fast loading and responsive. Secondly, these sites let you share your 360 content on other social media sites seamlessly. For example, you can not showcase 360 photos in Twitter or Tumblr but through Kuula you can. They also have some fun 360 perks such as a solar flare effect for outdoor shots.


360 on Twitter using Kuula

There Are Plenty Of Options On Social Media

So there you have it the current options for hosting 360 content on social media sites natively. As mentioned above, bookmark this page and check back regularly as other social media sites adopt 360 photo and video. If you are looking to create some 360 photo/video content for social, check out our marketing consultancy services.

What do you currently use to host 360 on social media sites? Is there anything missing from this list? Are there any other social media sites that use/allow content natively? Let us know in the comments section below and join the discussion below.