I was in the Hunter Valley recently for a wedding. While I was down there, I had conversations with people who had this impression that they could not use 360 content for social media and that it would be expensive. This inspired me to talk about 360 social media and budgets to show a different perspective.

360 Social Media & How It Can Work For You

360 Social Media And How It Can Work For You Blog Vlog With Examples

I decided to try a different tactic for this months blog. As 360 technology has progressed and can record video from all angles, you can easily make traditional videos from them. With the smallest amount of time invested, you can create 360 social media content that is unique, engaging and can take your social media to new levels.

A Couple Of Simple Videos

All I did was take our smaller/portable 360 social media camera and make a little video. It took me a couple of takes and another 15 minutes to edit it. It was quick, simple and showcases that 360 content can be on multiple social media platforms BUT also used for traditional media.

Traditional Video For Social Media

Everyone knows that video on social media gets excellent views. This simple 2-minute video was taken using one of our 360 social media cameras. It is formatted to the popular social media 1 x 1 format. This format is primarily used and viewed on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, Google+, self-hosted on your website and so on. As you can see, we can do things that other video cameras can’t. For example, creating the ‘little planet effect which is what I used at the beginning and end of the video. It gives the impression that you are the entire world and it’s something different. This can only be done on a 360 camera because it takes the whole 360 video/photo and reshapes it in this unique way.

360 Video

The same video was also kept as its original 360 video format. These videos can be placed on popular sites such as Facebook, YouTube, Google+, Vimeo and self-hosted for your website and even used in VR for virtual tour content. With this video, you can see the content in its true form. You can even put on a VR headset and experience the video in the first person. What is great about 360 videos is that they have higher engagement and retention rate than traditional 360 videos. This is because they allow the viewer to explore the video while also watching it, which is something that traditional video cannot do. As mentioned in the video we can even live stream in 360 as well to give the first person 360 live experience!

But How Will 360 Social Media Work For Me?

The two simple videos above were just to give simple examples of videos created. The simple truth is that there are a whole host of examples. We even did a 360 Easter Egg Hunt for a client and made it a competition on Facebook with some fantastic results. You can also embed our virtual tours on Facebook as well.

What it boils down to is retention, engagement and share-ability which in turn generates massive brand awareness. 360 content is unique. It offers something that no other content on social media can do and that is the ability to explore. People do not just only look at a 360 photo/video but also explore it. Once they start looking around and discovering new things, it makes people want to keep looking around, again and again. Each time they do this they are creating a slightly new unique experience tailor-made just for them. Be sure to check out our blog about statistics on social media and 360 content.

Another interesting thing is that on all social media platforms that allow 360 content, they are VR compatible. This means that all your 360 content is automatically VR ready. You can allow your clients to get into VR with your 360 social content marketing. This is all done without the need for someone to specifically program apps and other software, which can be timely and costly. Using 360 social media can give you an additional edge over your competition and put you at the forefront of digital marketing.

Let’s Get The Ball Rolling!

This is just the tip of the iceberg. There is a lot more to 360 video than what we have seen here today. Contact us today and see how 360 content for your social media can add value, increase engagement and give your brand a unique perspective. Also yes I did realise afterwards that I said “little grapes grow up” but I thought I would keep it in 😉 – #LittleGrapesGrowUp

Have you used 360 videos or 360 photography/360 photos for your business/social media? Are you considering using 360 for your social media? Let us know and join the discussion down below 🙂