Relax and experience La Perouse in 360 as though you are there relaxing overlooking the water on a beautiful summer day. Become immersed in one of Sydney oldest and one of the earliest settled areas back in settlement time. From this viewpoint you can see Bare Island Fort, Macquarie Watchtower and Congwong beach. What is fascinating about this spot is you see amazing Australian nature all right next to the city. If you have a headset/headphones put it on and enjoy the 360 3D sounds (also known as ambisonic sound) as well.

The Experience Sydney in 360 series is a monthly 360 vlog that showcases the sights and sounds of Sydney. Whether you live in Sydney or just wanting to see what it is like. Experience Sydney in 360 Series gives you the feeling as though you are in Sydney from anywhere in the world.

To get the full visual experience click on the cog wheel in the YouTube Window at the bottom and select 8k for a truly crisp and immersive experience.

Experience La Perouse In 360

Historical Fact about La Perouse: Captain James Cook has landed in La Perouse and its surrounds in 1770. It was one of the first places visited by Cook when he came to Australia.

Did you find the view of La Perouse, the Macquarie Watch Tower, the water and cliffs as amazing as we did? What would you like to experience in 360 next? Are there any iconic points not mentioned we should include? Let us know and join the discussion down below 🙂

This video marks a wrap on the 2018 season on Experience Sydney in 360. Let us know what you want to see in 2019.

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