Ever since the pandemic started, there has been an influx of people wanting to create a virtual tour for their business. During these talks with multiple companies, they say to us, “I want a virtual tour during the pandemic”. After the client explains what they are looking for and we go through their requirements, we tell them that virtual tours are for the long term. Let’s look at the long term benefits of virtual tours years after they are created.

Virtual Tours Are For Long Term

Virtual Tours Are For Long Term Blog

Customer Experience / Engagement

The one thing that virtual tours can do that no other marketing tool can even come close to is the ability to bring your client. Not only does it give the ability for people to engage with you on a new digital front, but people can walk around your store as though they are there in person. You can have full walkthroughs, sales information and more. Virtual tours can have Zoom/Skype style meetings in the virtual tour, have one-on-one sessions and even present to many people at the same time (coming soon). You can read more about it here.


One of the greatest strengths of virtual tours is SEO. They help with page time additional content for your site and are highly shareable content that people link back to often. Whenever we have content on any of our pages with a virtual tour, the page time and the amount of traffic they create are much higher than pages without. We go into great detail on how virtual tours help improve SEO ranking which is great for long term ranking success.

Help To Increase Sales

It’s all about the bottom line andat the end of the day, there is no point in having a virtual tour unless it has some advantage. Virtual tours help improve sales with multiple benefits as people who experience a virtual tour feel like they have already visited the premise. A fun little stat is among 18-34-year-olds, prospects are 130% more likely to book based on a virtual tour. Check out more details in or blog on how virtual tours improve sales.

Google Map Ranking

One of the biggest strengths in virtual tours is for Map rankings if you have a Google Street View tour. Not only do you rank higher in Google maps and are easier to find, but you also have a higher impression and studies have shown the following:

  • Google virtual tours influence a 16% growth in Google Search and Maps appearances.
  • There is a 12% increase in engagement with Map listings that have a Google Street View tour.

More detailed information can be found on our blog here.

The Long Term Benefits Are Endless

As you can see the benefits of a virtual tour pay themselves in many ways over the course of many years and definitely help over the long term. While it advantages are not initially apparent to most, from creating virtual tours for many years at Simply 360 we have seen these advantages first-hand. The only question you have to ask yourself is how you want it designed and where to give us a call to set it up 😉

Are you looking to have a virtual tour for your organisation? Contact us today on 02 9674 9090 or fill out the form on this page to take the next steps. We can help advise on how to market your virtual tour to get maximum exposure.

Think of creating a virtual tour for your company? Are there any long term benefits of virtual tours I have left off this list? Leave a comment below and let us know your thoughts about this 🙂