How Virtual Tours Improve Sales

Virtual tours allow clients to see and interact with an environment such as a showroom, venue space, office tour, and so on. The real question is “how does a virtual tour improve my sales?”. With everything going on in the world, people are looking at virtual tours to bring awareness to their brand and help increase sales. Most companies talk about how great their tours look, but not many offer HOW these virtual tours improve sales. Let’s cut through all the hype and delve into how virtual tours improve sales.

How Virtual Tours Improve Sales

How Virtual Tours Improve Sales

Before we tackle the main points, if you are still learning about virtual tours, then a fantastic starting point is our blog discussing the differences between google street view virtual tour & 360 virtual tours. This blog is an excellent starting point for anyone wanting a better understanding of the subtle nuances of virtual tours.

Marketing & Sales Tool

If done right, a virtual tour is a very effective multi-channel marketing and sales tool. All our 360 virtual tours include consultation throughout the process to understand the client’s needs. The virtual tours we create are custom branded to match your companies look and feel. They can also be integrated with relevant pricing information, contact details, existing content (photos and videos) and more. People can walk through the location and find relevant information. Clients can get in touch with your sales team via video chat, phone call, email and socials all within the tour itself.

These are excellent multi-channel marketing tools which can be used in conjunction with your socials, EDM’s, embedded on your website, improved SEO, Google Maps ranking and more. The custom virtual tours we create are designed to be intuitive and easy to use for all ages and backgrounds.

One Step Ahead Of Your Competition

By simply having a virtual tour, it gives you an advantage over your competitors who do not have one. Whether it be a fully customised virtual tour or a Google Street View Tour, you are providing a virtual experience which is more cutting edge than anything your competitors are currently doing. The tour will help you rank higher on Google maps and have greater exposure and brand awareness and can help dramatically improve page time which helps SEO.

Save Time By Having Unlimited Opens/Presentations Daily

There is a common saying “there are only so many hours in a day“. Your staff can only showcase your products/services to a limited number of people daily. What if you could increase your showings/presentations from 10 to 10,000 per day? Sounds impossible but not with a virtual tour. Imagine talking to a client and sending them the link to your tour, share it on social media or in your next EDM. Imagine thousands of people walking through your location anywhere in the world, any time. While exploring they are receiving a curated experience/sales pitch designed to entice them to enquire/buy. This is the power of a custom branded virtual tour.

Directly Present To Clients Who Can Not Attend

This point may seem similar to the point above, but it’s not. Did you know our virtual tours have the ability for your sales team to directly talk to clients? This is done through the tour itself just like a Zoom/Skype meeting? You can both talk and see each other as though you are face to face. Additionally, you can curate the experience by literally showing the client what you want them to see. You can do this by taking control of what they can see and experience while they are in the tour. It can be a one on one meeting or a presentation to many. Happy to demo this upon request.

The ROI Is Worth It

The impact a virtual tour has in a companies sales funnel can be an unexpected and a present surprise. There are a lot of stats that showcase how a tour can improve engagement and customer awareness which can directly/indirectly assist in sales for your company. Depending on how the tour is designed, it can be crafted to focus more on sales, product/brand awareness, experiences and more. For a one-off fee, it’s the creation of a tool that can benefit your companies for years to come, the ROI is worth it.

Your Working With Experts

The founder of Simply 360 is Dimitri Cassimatis with a long background in sales and marketing. He has worked in roles ranging from face to face to over the phone sales as well as content creation for almost two decades. Additionally, Dimitri’s experience ranges from traditional to digital marketing specialising in virtual tours. He has written internationally on the subject multiple times. Other members of our team are qualified project and facility managers and skilled editors. These team members have a deep understanding of physical building design and spacial layouts. When you speak with our team, you are speaking with people who not only create virtual tours but also know how to make them impactful, both from a design and positioning aspect.

Virtual Tours – The Amazing Sales Tool

Hopefully, you can now see how virtual tours improve sales in more ways than one. Contact us today on 02 9674 9090 or fill out the form on this page to chat about how we can create a virtual tour that best suits your companies needs.

Are you looking to create a virtual tour for your company? What features/ benefits best suit what you are looking to integrate into your tour? Did you ever think of a virtual tour as a sales tool? Let us know below and join the discussion by leaving a comment 🙂

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