Educational institutions such as schools, universities, colleges, childcare centres and other educational institutions host an annual open day. Open days are held every year for prospective parents and students. In recent times, with people unable to attend events they have had to rethink the concept and go virtual. Many will comprise of a live stream with some pre-recorded photos and video for people to view. They may also contain downloadable PDFs with information about the subject or facility. All these are useful; however, they don’t fully engage people. The term virtual open day has become a necessity for many of these institutions to showcase their space and facility. Let’s take a look at how a virtual tour adds value and is excellent for exposure and user experience for a virtual open day.

Virtual Open Day – Virtual Tour

Virtual Open Day - Virtual Tour

Engagement & Exploration

You have everything set up for the virtual day. People can log in and register to attend virtually, watch your live-stream, photos/videos, see valuable information, but something is missing. They can’t explore your campus/building. No matter how hard you try, they can’t walk around at their own pace and explore just like they use to. A 360 virtual tour fixes this by giving the user the ability to explore at their own pace. By coupling this with the same controls to that of PC/mobiles, people can spend time to look and see all that is around. This way, users feel like they are learning and seeing what you showed them. The virtual tour gives them the freedom that is unavailable with other options.

Bring Your Location To Their Home

While this is touched-on in ‘Engagement & Exploration‘, the truth is that there is nothing quite like a 360 virtual tour that brings your location into peoples homes. No other digital content makes you feel like you are onsite. On a side note, all our virtual tours are VR ready. While not required, they can also enjoy our virtual tours by using a cost-effective Google Cardboard headset right through to expensive high-end VR headsets. Virtual Tours and VR headsets go more into detail in our blog Headset For Virtual Tours – Do You Need One.

Relevant & Contextual Information

One feature that virtual tours have that other mediums do not have is the ability to integrate interactive and informative hotspots. These are clickable areas in the tour that can be text, photo or video (or a combination). The tour can be custom designed to fit your needs with a specific call to actions. These can send the user to the right URL or even clickable phone numbers that dial the enrolment office from within the tour. Our virtual tours are custom branded and designed to your style guide and marketing teams specifications.

More Than Just A Day

All the other videos and live streams are custom designed for the open day. Virtual tours are designed to last for many years long after they are created. The virtual tour can be used with open days for years to come. They are often embedded into the website so anyone can view the tour at any time. Virtual tours have many cross-funnel possibilities. These are used with socials, EDMs and emailed directly to prospective parents/clients. They make great long-term sales and marketing tools.

Case Study 1: TAFE NSW

TAFE NSW asked us to create a 360 virtual tour for the virtual open day. It was quite an extensive virtual tour featuring facilities from 10 campuses across NSW. They had live-streams, scheduled talks and more. The virtual tour gave the feeling of being on campus. It lets people experience their facilities as though they were onsite themselves. This open day had a great turnout of over 2000+ people looking to enrol in a 2-day period. More information about TAFE NSW virtual open day is located here.


Double click in the virtual tour to make it go fullscreen or click here

Case Study 2: Saint Ignatius’ College Riverview

Saint Ignatius’ College Riverview is a boarding school located in Sydney NSW which utilised a combination of pre-recorded video, live-stream Q&A plus a virtual tour. This allowed prospective parents to hear from all the teachers at the school. The virtual tour let families from across Australia walk through the school grounds. This open day was a great success and attracted over 200 families during the event. More information about Saint Ignatius’ College Riverview virtual open day is located here.


Double click in the virtual tour to make it go fullscreen or click here

Virtual Tours For Virtual Open Days

Many elements are integrated for a virtual open day to give as much information as possible online. A virtual tour is the missing link that gives the ability to explore the school grounds, campus or building first-hand. We work with school, colleges, childcare centres and universities to create the perfect virtual tour for their virtual open day. We work with you and your team directly to deliver a virtual tour right for you. If you are looking to create a virtual tour for your open day you can callemail or fill out the form on this page.

Are you hosting a virtual open day for your school/college/university? Are you thinking of integrating a virtual tour into the experience? Leave a comment down below and let us know your thoughts 🙂