For the longest time, a lot of people think VR headsets are required to be used with virtual tours. A lot of companies who create virtual tours will often have a picture of someone wearing a VR headset. But the real question remains “Headset For Virtual Tours – Do You Need One?“. We will explore this and also discover the best ways to use a headset with a virtual tour.

Headset For Virtual Tours – Do You Need One

VR Headsets For Virtual Tours - Do You Need One

The short answer is no, ok so blog done we can all go home now! This myth was created and perpetuated by Virtual Tour companies showing that virtual reality headsets can be used with virtual tours. Many of these sites have a person using a VR headset on their homepage and do not clarify that it is optional and not a requirement. Even we have an image like this in our virtual tour section, but clearly, state under the picture – A VR Headset is not needed to view a 360 virtual tour, but it does enhance the experience.

The fact is while you can use a virtual reality headset with many virtual tours, you don’t need one to experience them. Most of our clients will use their desktop, PC/Mac, mobile phone or tablet to walk through and experience a virtual tour. That said all our virtual tours work with all forms of headsets from Google Cardboard, Valve Index, PSVR (for your Playstations) and Oculus Quest amongst others.

Fun Fact: All our virtual tours can use virtual reality headsets as standard.

VR Headsets Enhance The Experience

While you don’t need one, they make the 360 virtual tours a truly immersive experience. Imagine being able to walk through a business, gallery or any location as though you were there in real life. That is the true power of the VR Headset & Virtual Tour Combo. If you have a headset, all our tours throughout our site are headset compatible. Feel free to experience our work firsthand. You can tell it is VR compatible by the small headset icon in the tour. Sometimes it is in the corner or settings section(depending on the design of the tour).

Best Times To Use a VR Headset In A Virtual Tour

The best times are whenever you can, but an ideal example is to use these headsets are if you are exhibiting at an expo. If you are a hotel, venue space or business and want to show off your facility you can ‘digitally’ bring your space anywhere. A great example is with our client, Pink Caviar Events. They exhibit at expos but its genuinely hard to showcase the scale, ambience and style of their work through traditional pictures. By having their tour available at expos and having headsets, potential clients can be transported to an event as though they are at the event in person. Check out their portfolio styled virtual tour below.

Another great way to use a headset in a virtual tour is during the current pandemic. You can have custom branded Google Cardboard headsets created quite cost-effectively and bought in bulk. Not only do they become amazing sales and marketing tools, but your clients can also walk around your virtual tour. Plus after they have done business with you, the client can keep the VR headset for other tours all while seeing your brand. If you are looking for custom branded headsets feel free to contact us.

So Do You Need A VR Headset With A Virtual Tour

As mentioned above, the short answer is no, but they help create an immersive experience. All of our virtual tours come with VR headset compatibility, which is excellent for all businesses and organisation. If you would like to create a virtual tour with a focus of using a VR headset, call us or fill out the form on this page to see how we can help.

Are you looking to create a virtual tour with a focus on using a headset? Did you think you had to use a headset for virtual tours? Have you ever used a headset with a virtual tour? Let us know in the comments below 🙂