360 Virtual Tours are awesome, and there are many advantages to having them for your business. There are many reasons, but we decided to condense it into our top 9. Whether you are venue, hotel, in the real estate industry, builder, designer, and so on, a 360 virtual tour has many advantages.

9 Reasons Why 360 Virtual Tours Are Awesome

Top 9 Reasons 360 Virtual Tours Are Awesome

Brings Clients Into Your Space When You Are Not There

The main advantage of a 360 virtual tour is that anyone can visit your property/location any time of the day from anywhere in the world. A showing in person is always the best but imagine if your clients could see the property from their own home during a time you are closed it makes your and their life easier.

It is Easy For Everyone To Use

Virtual Tours are very visual with easy to set up control, features and is highly customisable. People instinctively know how to use them without any learning curve. This is because 360 virtual tour technology is based on experiencing real life. As you point, click and drag your mouse or swipe on your smartphone/tablet it feels very natural. Also, you can even put on a virtual reality headset and experience the property as though you are there in person. It does not matter if you are young or old its just a very natural and intuitive technology.

Double Click On The Virtual Tour Above For A Full-Screen Experience

Great Marketing & Sales Tools

A great product will sell itself, so why not let your space sell itself for you. Traditional photo and video are a vital component of any marketing and sales tools. But, unfortunately, standard photos and video will only take you so far. Sure the show the property, BUT it does not let you feel like you are there experiencing it first hand.

Imagine you have ten people who want to see your property/space or perhaps you are at an expo and want to showcase your venue/car /boat. Make technology work for you. With a simple link, you can send your potential clients inside your property without you having to be there physically. In fact, we find that sales conversions are faster because people feel like they have already been on site. You will no longer hear “it looked bigger in the photo” because our technology is based on 360 space and gives a real sense of depth and perception.

Shareable On Social Media

Are you and your marketing team looking to post something different on social media? Everyone talks about posting the next photo or video but why not share your 360 virtual tours? Incorporate your 360 virtual tours from your portfolio into your blog. Easily link them on popular platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and more. What’s more exciting is that sites like Facebook allow native 360 photo and video as well. Can you even have shareable social media links within the tour so people can share it on their favourite sites or email it to other directly?

Keeps Your Ahead Of The Competition

This technology is cutting edge. While your competitors are focused on making traditional content such as a photo or video, why not outclass them with a virtual tour? They will probably create a virtual tour in a year or two but why not be years ahead and attract more relevant clients ahead of them.

Virtual Tours Are Also A Virtual Reality Experience

When people think of virtual reality, they think of people putting on a VR headset and playing a video game. This is correct, but virtual reality is so much more. Virtual reality is defined as “the computer-generated simulation of a three-dimensional image or environment that can be interacted with in a seemingly real or physical way by a person using special electronic equipment, such as a helmet with a screen inside or gloves fitted with sensors.”. So strap on a VR headset, and that’s exactly what a virtual tour is. It literally recreated a real environment for people to experience virtually.

It’s Enhanced By Traditional Media

A 360 virtual tour on its own is fine, but did you know that you can also incorporate other traditional elements into it? For example, you can easily overlay links back to your site (or specific pages). You can embed and showcase a traditional photo in your tour (including floor plans) when needed as well as video. Plus you can have highly detailed descriptions of a point of interest and make that feature obvious. If you want to talk about the room or even the kitchen sink, you can have the relevant information appear and even incorporate your email address so people can contact you directly from within the tour.

For example in the virtual tour below have a look around and click on the handbag cake or other awesome integrated features that utilise traditional media. For more information about this awesome even check out the blog.

Double Click On The Virtual Tour Above For The Full-Screen Experience

It Engages People

These days almost anyone who works in marketing talks about engagement. Well, 360 virtual tours are the ultimate in engagement. People spend time on your site/content exploring it. It is not just a simple photo that you scroll past or a 2-minute video you watch then go to the next one. It is literally an experience. There is no other medium so engaging as this. You can spend a lot of time exploring any 360 virtual space. It draws people in and engages them because people like to explore and this lets them do so digitally and at their own pace.

Usable On All Modern Computers & Smart Devices

This technology works on every modern device. It does not matter if you use a Mac or PC, a smartphone (iPhone or Android) / tablet or desktop it just works. Open it up and it’s there, ready to go. This is because it utilises traditional computer technology and works of existing systems. This means that nothing extra is needed and works the moment you click on the 360 virtual tour.

There Are Plenty More Reasons

There you have it, the top 9 reasons why 360 virtual tours so beneficial for your business, but there are many more. If you are interested in creating a 360 virtual tour for yourself or your client, feel free to fill out the form on the page so we can be in touch. For further reading and examples of our work, check out our 360 virtual tour page for more information.

Are you thinking of using 360 virtual tours for your business? Are there any virtual tours that stick out in your mind that you think are great? Do you think we missed anything on this list? Let us know and join the discussion down below 🙂