Top 9 Reasons 360 Virtual Tours Are Awesome!

360 Virtual Tours are awesome and there are many advantages to having them for your business. There are many reasons but we decided to condense it into our top 9. Whether you are venue, hotel, in the real estate industry, builder, designer and so on a 360 virtual tour has many advantages 9 Reasons [...]

Social Media Sites That Use 360 Photo / Video Natively

So you are a social media marketer, and you are wondering which social media sites allow 360 photo/video. Well, you have come to the right place as we spend a lot of time researching for our clients what and where they can put their 360 content. Below is a list of well known social media [...]

Differences In 360 – High Resolution VS Low Resolution

So you are on the phone with a salesperson, and they say "We shoot in 4k for our 360 photos and video". To most people, it sounds impressive, but the simple truth is that it is just not good enough for 360 content. It is actually considered to be low-resolution by 2018 standards or at least [...]

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