Welcome to Simply 360, the next generation of 360 photo, video, VR, 3D and more. We went into 360 because there was a massive gap in the market. The current market was sub-par and frustrating to deal with. Having a background in Real Estate, Events, advertising and photography, we felt that the market needed to step up its game. The 360 video was recorded in 8k, click on the cogwheel to get the full experience and make the resolution higher for your viewing pleasure 🙂


Welcome To Simply 360

Simply 360 The Next Generation Of 360 Photo And 360 VIdeo

Simply 360Founded by Dimitri Cassimatis, Simply 360 is the first company to offer 360 in 8K+ resolution but not just in photography. Yes, that is right we work in high end 360 for photo and video. With technology these days pushing towards 8k TV’s the truth is that it needs to be recorded in 8k. Think about this: a 360 photo is a giant stretched image in the shape of a ball. Your only getting half the pixel at any one time when you look in one direction. Anything less than high resolution will look blurry, distorted and stretched especially in 4k. Our footage looks sharp and crisp from any angle. You can read about the difference in quality in our blog about 360 High and Low-Resolution Photography differences.

We also got annoyed as we had to go to different 360 companies for different things. We had to go to company A for real estate photography, company B for video and company C for VR experiences. Simply 360 was born to combine everything into one easy location. This is for all 360 needs in one easy end to end solution for everything.

Simply 360 also offers live streaming in 4k. Try something different at your next product launch and showcase your product in the best light. With the best that 360 has to offer to your clients and fans in real-time. Give your clients the feeling that they are not missing out by allowing them a first-hand view at your launch while in the comfort of their home. Like an exclusive VIP live ticket!

We offer the following services:

360 Google Street View: If you are looking to have your business more entrenched online, then having a 360 Google Street View is perfect for any business/company with a location. Show people the look and feel of what your business looks like before they even take one step inside.

360 Property & Construction: Show your potential buyers and renters your properties fro every angle. Give them the ability to see the property/location without leaving home and experience it for themselves as if they are really there themselves. Let them imagine living there themselves.

360 Corporate: Are you looking for something different for your next corporate event, product launch or conference?  How about something different to a traditional 2D live stream? Let people feel like they are there at your event by giving them a first-person perspective.

360 Weddings & Events: Record your precious memories in such high-quality detail that it feels like they are actually at your wedding. Try something different and unique on the market and relive your wedding for generations to come. Do you have guests that could not attend? We can give them the ability to take a front-row seat at your own wedding, so they don’t miss out.

360 Advertising: Looking for something different to step out and be ahead of the curve. Looking to create a message that only a 360-degree image can portray? Give that first-person view inside your cars, showcase your venue or experience like never before. Our tech is compatible with VR glasses so that you can really let your clients experience your location, product or service first hand and in VR.

Other 360 Projects: Do you have an idea for a film and want to create it in 360. Hire one of our cameras and experts for your next project. Utilise 360 to give an additional angle to existing projects.

Simply 360 Is Compatible With Everything

All our footage whether it be a 360 panoramic photo, video, 3D or live stream is compatible with the technology you already hold in your hand. Simply 360 is compatible with any Mac or PC. Smartphones such as iPhone, Android and Windows Phones already work with our state of the art technology. Social media sites such as Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo and more already recognise 360 content. Traditional real estate sites such as realestate.com.au and domain.com.au are also compatible with any of the 360 virtual tours we provide.

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