Virtual tours have improved over the past few years in many ways with improvements in photography, technology and design. One traditional limitation with then is that 360 photography is often limited to the ground. For some large scale tours / mega tours, wouldn’t it be nice if you could take the same technology but take it while in the sky? With 360 drone photography, we can take stunning 360 images in the sky and use them to enhance a virtual tour. Let’s see how 360 drone photography can help enhance a virtual tour.

How 360 Drone Photography Enhances A Virtual Tour

How 360 Drone Photography Enhances A Virtual Tour

It helps To Understand A Larger Area in a virtual tour

One of the great benefits of using 360 drone photography is that it helps understand a larger area. By flying the drone around in all directions, you can capture an image in the sky, giving a much more complete picture of what is going on. This can be particularly helpful when viewing a business or location from afar, allowing you to get an idea of its layout and design that may not be visible from ground level.

360 aerial photography can give you a great view of an area that would be difficult or impossible to see from the ground. By zooming in and out, you can see different parts of the area. This can help you understand the layout of the area and make decisions about where to fly your drone.

360 drone photography can be a very effective way to change the perspective of a virtual tour. By using this type of photography, viewers can see the tour from a different angle and gain a new understanding of the location. This type of photography is beneficial for locations that are difficult to access or for areas difficult to photograph from ground level.

Case Study: Crowne Plaza Hunter Valley is a large and expansive multi-site facility. This ranges from the accommodation, guest facilities, event venue spaces (on-site and remote), as well as connected businesses which are offsite. The virtual tour below was able to find all those various elements together through the use of 360 aerial photography.

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Take Stunning Photos Of Your Business/Facility

There’s no question that 360 drone photography can add an air of sophistication and authority to a virtual tour of your business or facility. By capturing high-resolution, 360-degree images from different angles, you can create a tour that is both informative and visually stunning. Whether you’re promoting your company to potential clients or want to showcase your facilities in an exciting way, 360 drone photography can be the perfect way to do it.

If you’re looking to take stunning photos of your business or facility, a 360 drone photography service can be a great way to do it. By using a drone to capture all angles of the scene, you’ll be able to create high-quality images that will show off your property in an entirely new way. Plus, thanks to the technology’s ability to capture highly detailed images.

Connect Areas That You Previously Could Not

Virtual tours are a great way to show people a place they can’t visit in person. But sometimes, parts of the tour are inaccessible because they are in a different or inaccessible location. With 360 drone photography, you can now connect areas you previously could not.

Using this technology, you can create a virtual tour that is more detailed and interconnected than ever before. This allows potential customers to have a better understanding of your business or product without ever having to visit in person. Additionally, 360 drone photography is also great for capturing unique perspectives that would otherwise be unavailable.

Useful Navigational Tool For Virtual Tours

360 drone photography is a useful tool for virtual tours as it allows viewers to see the environment around them in a whole new way. By taking aerial shots, 360 drone photographers can provide a more immersive experience for those who are visiting a place and help them find their way around a larger space. In many cases you can see the entire length of the location to have a good overall understanding of it.

Case Study: InvoCare wanted to create a virtual tour to help people find sections easier. By having an easy-to-read layout and dynamic 360 aerial photos as part of the virtual tour, people can find various aspects of this cemetery.

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Brings The Wow Factor To A Virtual Tour

360 drone photography can bring the wow factor to a virtual tour. By capturing 360-degree views of a location, viewers can get a more complete and immersive experience than traditional photos or videos can provide. Aerial photography can make almost all locations look stunning from a birds-eye view. When people feel they are flying into the location it takes the virtual tour to the next level.

Amazing Eye Candy For Socials And Marketing

360 drone photography is quickly becoming an amazing way to enhance virtual tours and create eye candy for social media and marketing. By taking 360 aerial photos, you can give a complete view of a scene or location than is different to anything you have taken before.

These images can be used across all your marketing channels from socials, print, EDMs, blog content and more. Take the post from Instagram below as an example; a stunning Little Planet photo can literally make your business/location an entire world. These types of images are breathtaking and leave an impact.


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Overall, 360 drone photography enhances a virtual tour because it provides a dynamic and immersive view of the scene that can be difficult to capture with traditional photography. It also allows for a more accurate portrayal of the larger scene and the ability to include features and elements that would otherwise be difficult or impossible to see.

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Do you think we left anything out regarding 360 drone photography for virtual tours? What virtual tours have you seen that use 360 aerial photography? Do you have an existing virtual tour and would like to add some aerial photography to give it that wow factor? Join the discussion down below, let us know your thoughts and leave a comment 🙂