Project Description

Macleay College


Double click in the google street view virtual tour to make it go fullscreen or click here

The Brief – 360 Virtual Tour

Macleay College is located in Sydney’s CBD, focusing on digital media, marketing, business, and more. Their goal is to showcase their on-site facilities with a rich media-enhanced virtual tour. The tour is also to be VR-ready/capable (virtual reality) to be as cutting edge as possible.

The design of this tour was pre-planned with branding in mind from the start. Incorporating Macleay’s brand, which included colours, fonts, style and more. Integration of video and images of their students and success stories to add further value to the experience.

Additionally, they had an existing Google Street View tour from years ago. Macleay College continually updates its building/facility to be as modern as possible. We assisted in removing the old 360 Google tour images and replacing them with how it looks now.

Update: Macleay College Sydney has moved premises. While the virtual tour has been removed, you are still able to view the Google Street View Tour.

What We Loved About This Project

There are some great things at Macleay College. Their studio and podcast room are cutting edge amongst their more standard facilities. They offer a wide range of teachings, support offerings and more. The team thought it was all on one level, but it turns out there are three.

The lifts were an interesting challenge for exiting purposes. Additionally, the team knows people who graduated from Macleay College years ago. Showing older students what it looks like now was a cool experience.

About The Client

For over 30 years, Macleay College has built a vibrant community of successful alumni, experienced lecturers and industry connections. They have made it their mission to ensure graduates are job-ready with the knowledge and skills they need to succeed.

Macleay College is committed to providing a practical education experience that motivates students to explore and fulfil their potential. Students are encouraged to investigate new ideas, critically analyse the professional world and industries they’re about to enter, and continually pursue challenging career goals.

Macleay College offers students who are eager to pursue life-changing, hands-on education in advertising and media, digital media, business, accounting, marketing and journalism.

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