Project Description

Explore and Develop Alexandria


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The Brief – 360 Virtual Tour

When the Director of Explore and Develop Alexandria approached us to create a virtual tour, we had a long discussion of what she was looking for. Their primary focus is to show off their fantastic facility and what it offers to parents in/around Alexandria. Another main focus is their outdoor space. A location nestled in the heart of the eastern suburbs with a play area for children of this size is impressive. If you were to drive past, you would never know, and they wanted parents to see this amazing space (including VR).

Lastly, as they are located in a building complex, many first time parents have trouble finding this location. Using cutting edge 360 automation, you simply click “Street Entrance”, and the tour simulates as though you are driving from the street entry to arrive inside the building automatically. This way, the staff do not need to try and explain but simply show how to find them with ease. Additionally, they also utilised our services for a Google Maps tour.

What We Loved About This Project

Two things made this virtual tour memorable. As a person who grew up in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney, space is a precious commodity. To see a space of this size and not ever realising how big it is is truly amazing. Also, the range of facilities and play areas for the children is excellent. The most memorable part of this was their Director Rita, who has a passion for early childhood education and development. The best part was how involved she was with the virtual tour project. It was a fun Saturday, and even got involved in some 360 social content (see below).

About The Client

At Explore and Develop, they treasure the time it takes children to grow. They believe that all children should have the opportunity to develop at their own rate, in their own time and that learning should occur in an unrushed environment. They value the knowledge and experience of their team’s and dedication to providing education and care environments that are enriching and meaningful to the children within them. Explore and Develop carries the belief that children learn through play within environments thoughtfully created and with learning opportunities in the foresight.

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