What if you could relive your wedding over and over again? #IsItPossible

Imagine the ability to not just show your future grandchildren photos and videos BUT give them the ability to attend your wedding and feel like they are really there. Let them witness it happen first hand years or decades after it happened. From walking down the aisle to your first dance together. We will capture it so you can look back and relive the happy emotions on each of your guest’s faces.

Your Wedding or Events in 360

Here are Simply 360 we can make that into a reality. With the latest in 8k 360 Photo & Video technology (yes 8k) we have the latest technology to capture your wedding and events with the highest possible quality. Every detail and aspect from every angle to truly capture your event. We will give you the ability to experience and share your wedding for years to come.

While we are 360 photo and video professionals, we also teamed up with the team at Pink Caviar Events who are Sydney’s premier wedding and event planners and stylists. This gives us the unique ability to focus on quality 360 photography and video while their input helps us design packages and unique aspects only present at weddings and events.

All our packages include:

  • 8k 360 photography and video (with optional 4k streaming)
  • Complimentary 360 vr headset
  • Complimentary HD 360 photo and video online gallery
  • Professional 360 Photography / Videographer attendant
  • Experiences you will be able to relive again and again

Don’t settle for second best and contact Simply 360 today. Australia’s Premiere 360 Wedding Photo and Video Experience provider. Don’t just look back at your wedding… relive it in 360!

Our Technology

All our 360 photo and video packages are compatible with any device and platform. This ranges from smartphones, desktops, tablets, Mac, PC, iPhone, Android, Windows Phone amongst others. We give you the video and footage so you can share it on your website, social media (EG Facebook, YouTube). We can provide you with your very own 360 VR headset as part of our package. Perfect the complete experience so you can relive the magical moments again and again.

Online Gallery

At Simply 360 we believe everyone should be able to relive special moments in the highest possible quality possible. Every 360 package will also include a FREE dedicated online gallery of your 360 photos and videos from your event. This means everything is live in the highest possible quality forever in one convenient place. You will have something to cherish as the years go by. We will provide you with an easy shareable link to give to your family and friends. This prevents people having to download custom apps on their mobile devices. Also social media sites tend to over compress 360 photos / video so we provide an easy high quality solution for you at no extra charge.

Live Streaming Option

We also have a live streaming option which allows real time viewing. Meaning you can stream your wedding ceremony, reception or your after party to loved ones to watch online in real time. Many people record or even live stream their wedding on their phone / tablet to people who are unable to attend. While this is great it is often achieved by a friend or relative (who is generally seated off to the side) instead of enjoying your wedding as a guest.

At Simply 360 we also have the ability to live stream your wedding in 4k. Imagine giving your relatives and friends who are unable to attend your wedding or event the ability to have a front row seat while literally being in another country. This is something that traditional photographers can not do.

We have something to cater for your budget. Contact us today to book a 360 experience for your wedding or event.