Project Description

WestConnex M8 Tunnel


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The Brief – 360 Photography

The new WestConnex M8 motorway tunnel was nearing completion. Traditionally, they would host an opening ceremony, but they decided to host a virtual opening due to the pandemic and everyone’s safety. Simply 360 was contacted to take 360 photos of the newly constructed motorway tunnel for their virtual open day.

What We Loved About This Project

We thoroughly enjoyed this project as it tested our photography and editing skills. While the WestConnex M8 is well built and balanced (when it comes to lighting), some things were unique. Firstly capturing fine detail in the distance and close up with mixing lighting conditions made the tour unique. Also, we got to walk around in a motorway tunnel, which none of our team had ever done.

We now have a newfound respect and understanding of motorway tunnels. Walking around with one of the tunnel’s engineers, he would show us all the subtle things underground motorway tunnels do. For example, did you know that tunnels adjust their lighting depending on the outside environment so that people do not have to readjust their eyes? This helps reduce accidents as well as make the trip through the tunnel more enjoyable. Also, the next time you go through the WestConnex M8 motorway, see if you or one of your passengers notice all the artwork along the walls to keep peoples minds active as they drive through.

Next Level 360 Virtual Tour / Panorama Editing

During the shoot, there was still a lot of ongoing work. While we did our best to minimise this in the shoot, we had to reset shoots as cars, trucks, and people had to pass on many occasions. This created some unique challenges, but in some instances, we had to edit out whole sections.

It is an excellent testament to our editing team as they went above and beyond. While we did not edit everything out in this shot, it was a great example of some before and after editing work. Check out the before and after 360 photos below, where we removed a lot of infrastructure and debris. Even with the best efforts of the team, there was a lot going on to ensure the tunnel would be finished on time. Some things/people remained in the 360 images to show the tunnel was still a work in progress.


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About The Client

WestConnex is Australia’s largest road infrastructure project and is a critical part of a broader plan to get Sydney and Australia moving again. Along with the NSW Government’s record investment in public transport infrastructure, WestConnex is easing congestion, creating tens of thousands of jobs, and connecting communities.

The WestConnex M8 motorway tunnel connects Kingsgrove to St Peter’s via a new nine-kilometre twin tunnel, reducing congestion and halving travel times on the M5 East motorway. The M8 runs from the King Georges Road Interchange at Beverly Hills to a new interchange at St Peters (built on the former Alexandria landfill site). The St Peters Interchange connects to the local road network through Euston Road, Campbell Road and Gardeners Road.

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