Project Description

Wentworth Point Community Centre and Library

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The Brief – 360 Virtual Tour and Google Street View

Wentworth Point Community Centre and Library (WPCCL) opened on Tuesday 15th December 2019. It is an impressive facility with a wide array of facilities for the general public. A few months after the opening, COVID affected the world. The team were forced to close down for several months. This left a brand new facility just sitting there waiting to be utilised. Operating under limited hours, the WPCCL team was looking to showcase its facilities. A virtual tour was the ideal choice for them. This is because a virtual tour is the only medium that allows you to explore at your own pace. Virtual tours enable you to feel the facility’s scale, which is impossible with traditional mediums.

What We Loved About This Project

When you think of a library, you think of books. Wentworth Point Community Centre and Library have many of them and a lot more to offer. What makes this place unique is what they have to offer. From the moment you enter the premise, you feel and see how impressive it is from every angle. Growing up, I did not have a library with a purpose-built music room or dance studio. Everything is taken into account, such as the facilities, services offered and contemporary design. They even have NSW first book vending machine.

Fun Tip: walk to the back of the library in the Atrium and lookup. The view is awe-inspiring.

About The Client

WPCCL is a dynamic, multipurpose community hub offering a range of benefits and resources for residents and businesses. Situated at the heart of Wentworth Point, a bustling community along the Parramatta River, the new two-level facility offers a state-of-the-art library, community centre and creative spaces for the public.

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