Project Description

Quizzic Alley

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The Brief – Google Maps Street View Tour

Something magical happened to Sydney as Quizzic Alley opened up a second store. Originally based in Canberra, the Harry Potter based retail and experience store in Drummoyne. As they were brand new to the area and wanted to start off strong and have 360 photography / Google Maps tour to enhance their presence on Google.

What We Loved About This Project

Firstly it’s not every day you get to photograph a place like Quizzic Alley. The place is all about Harry Potter and you can buy just about anything related to the Potter series. One interesting challenge is that the store was designed to have a mystical feel to it.  When photographed we were asked to ensure that the imagery was not too bright to feel like you are walking through Hogwarts. We solemnly swear you’ll love it!

Fun Fact: Quizzic Alley is not located on Diagon Alley and is a lot easier to get to. Magic is not needed to find this store.

Fun Fact 2: you can purchase your very own Nimbus 2000. You can see it in the first image of the Google Maps Street View Tour above.

About The Client

Quizzic Alley has Australia’s largest range of official Harry Potter merchandise and the only store of its kind in NSW or the ACT. With robes, games, puzzles, stationary, homewares and so much more, you will be sure to find the perfect gift. Visiting this magical store is an absolute must for any serious Harry Potter fan. It would be just Ron to miss it! But it’s more than just a store! While you’re there Quaff a QBrew (the beverage of choice for witches and wizards everywhere), get sorted into your rightful house or try your hand at driving the world’s most famous magical car. You might even meet Nearly Legless Mick!

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