Project Description

Little Computer People

Double click in the Google Maps Street View tour to make it go fullscreen, or click here

The Brief – 360 Virtual Tour

Little Computer People Penrith are a brand new computer service repair centre in the heart of Penrith. Knowing the power of Google Street View, the owner wanted to rank higher on Google Maps for their new location and contacted us.

What We Loved About This Project

This premise is brand new and ready to go. For most people, it is just a typical computer repair shop. It was slightly challenging from a 360 photography perspective from some of the tight spaces, and we love a challenge! You can see the finished product up above to see how it turned out 🙂 It was also fun talking shop to their team about some of their own VR and AR experiences.

Fun Fact: While editing the 360 photos, Intern Alex walked past, looked at the screen and said, “What’s a monkey doing on the wall?”. Can you spot the monkey in the Google Street View Tour?

About The Client

Little Computer People are a premier provider of expert computer service repair and support for home and businesses in Richmond and Sydney. They have been helping homes and businesses set up, repair and resolve their computer issues since 2006. Their computer repair team understands that your time and money are valuable. They provide the most specific, practical and affordable computer repair solution for your Sydney or Richmond area needs. Little Computer People provide the technical expertise and service you expect from any computer repair service company. They offer the right PC fix when you need it, so you can focus on your business, your daily activities and everything else you need to get done.

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