Project Description

Laser Sydney

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The Brief – Google Maps Tour

When Laser Sydney contacted us, they had already completed a Google Street View Tour of their store in Campbelltown. After speaking with the team, they advised that the existing images were not of professional quality and took them down. After consulting with the Campbelltown clinic and showing various examples of our work from our portfolio, they asked us to come in and photograph their location.

They wanted us to focus on three main aspects for their Campbelltown location Google Street View Tour. First, they wanted to have both entrances photographed so that people in Campbelltown Mall could easily find their location. Secondly, to have their reception area photographed, so people have a sense of their business before entering it. This way, people can connect with the business before taking a step through the entrance.

Lastly and most importantly, to capture their high-end treatment rooms with gold-class equipment. This shows that they are not your ordinary laser clinic but one that holds itself to a higher standard.

What We Loved About This Project

When you enter Laser Sydney Campbelltown, you immediately feel that you are in safe hands. Each room is beautifully and professionally styled. Lastly, coming from a post covid era, it was great to be photographing a retail space in a thriving environment.

Fun Fact: Laser Sydney is located in busy Campbelltown Mall; as a result, we had to start the virtual tour photo shoot before opening hours. This was to minimise people walking through the 360 photoshoot as it was happening live. With a bit of preplanning and coordination, we were able to capture everything in time with minimal foot traffic. Luckily we finished ahead of schedule as it became very busy afterwards.

About The Client

Laser Sydney is your go-to Laser clinic for the Campbelltown area. They offer a large range of services, including; laser hair removal, skin therapy, microdermabrasion, skin needling, skin rejuvenation, vascular treatment, pigmentation removal, laser body contouring, fat reduction, hair rejuvenation, teeth whitening, advanced facials, plasma pen, fibroblast treatments and cosmelan.

They are committed to providing their clients with safe and effective treatments using the only gold standard in equipment. While other Clinics may use the same technology, Laser Sydney has developed their own set of service protocols, unique methods and quality procedures. This puts them ahead of the competition. Laser Sydney’s extensive combined industry experience of over 12 years and the knowledge of different skin and hair types guarantee the safest and most effective results. In addition, with their experience with darker skin types, they have the confidence to treat clients with all types of skin tones.

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