Project Description



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The Brief – 360 Virtual Tour

Kindalin is a chain of early education child care centres located predominantly in the Hills District of Sydney. They already had Google Street View Tours of their centres, but were several years old and needed updating. As the centres have gone through multiple upgrades and renovations, they wanted their tours to reflect how they are today. Additionally, they wanted to step up their game and create informative, interactive and immersive virtual tours for prospective parents. This tour is designed to be used on their website, social campaigns, expos and more. This is so parents can virtually visit each centre from the comfort of their home. The ultimate VR/virtual reality enrolment tool.

In addition, they also updated their Google Maps Tour as the centres design and layout has changed and updated over time. This gives potential clients/parents the ability to see Kindalins locations in the most up to date image.

What We Loved About This Project

Founder Dimitri has a 3-year son who attends daycare (known as InternAlex). As a parent, Dimitri found it interesting to not only see all the centres first-hand but also understand how they cater to each age group. It was an informative and great way to see what is involved in creating a successful learning environment for children. It also provided the opportunity to showcase each of the centre’s facilities and how the organisation forms partnerships with families to promote active learning. Intern Alex saw the virtual tour being built and kept telling the editing team, “I want to go there!” as he saw all the fun toys and games in the photos.

About The Client

Kindalin aims to provide every child with a stimulating and challenging environment in which to grow and learn. It’s their commitment to provide each child in their care with a happy and challenging environment. There’s so much more to learning than routine tasks and isolated skills. This is why Kindalin takes a holistic approach that helps to enhance children’s overall development. Learning at Kindalin is very hands-on. They encourage children to discover their world through active exploration, helping them reach their full potential by engaging their natural curiosity.

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