Project Description

Auburn Central

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The Brief – Google Street View

The team at Colliers, who manages Auburn Central wanted us to create a Google Maps Tour of their location. Being in the centre of Auburn (hence the name), they wanted to show what they offered the city of Auburn to their residents and the surrounding areas. In addition, the management team wanted two other things included in their Google Maps Tour.

Firstly they wanted the base branded with the Auburn Central logo to further add value to their brand and digital presence on Google Maps. Additionally, they wanted a way to track their views across all their locations. Working with the Auburn Central management team and Colliers Marketing team, we integrated their Google Street tour into our virtual tour digital marketing platform to keep track of their Google Maps presence, stats and the impact the Google Tour is making in the local community.

What We Loved About This Project

When a person goes shopping, they do not fully explore a shopping centre but tend to look for shops/businesses that have what they want at that moment. As our team went through the location, we discovered the scale of Auburn Central and what they offer. They have a lot to offer more than we initially realised.

One great thing about doing a virtual tour in a location such as a shopping centre was the variety of food choices. After the team finished the shoot, they were hungry and had something to eat before heading to the office. We usually finish a 360 photoshoot and grab something to eat on the way. It was nice to sit down, relax, enjoy the atmosphere before heading back to work.

Fun Fact: While Auburn Central is a busy location, we had to wait patiently to take each photo to minimise the number of people in the 360 photos. This is to showcase as much of the shopping centre as possible. Coordinating with the management team, we worked out the ideal day of the week/time, including the time of the day and when specific stores are busiest.

About The Client

Auburn Central forms the ‘town centre’ of a significant mixed-use development that benefits from 450 apartments located above. The shopping centre is anchored by Woolworths and ALDI supermarkets and is complemented by 40 specialty stores with a strong representation of national chain and local retailers. Auburn Central has been transformed into a Sydney metropolitan triple-supermarket anchored, convenience-based shopping centre with the introduction of ALDI and Tong Li Asian supermarkets to complement the existing Woolworths.

Auburn Central is under the management of the Colliers Retail Investment Services team. With their impressive track record, having sold over 130 assets totalling more than $10 billion in value, they bring a wealth of knowledge of shopping centre assets across Australia. Their retail investment services team knows what it takes to expertly navigate the process of buying and selling retail assets.

With established local retail investment experts in all major Australian capital cities, Colliers maintain strong relationships with their client base and active buyers. Collier’s area of expertise extends across all retail and shopping centre categories and portfolios. Tailoring their marketing strategies and methods to minimise risk and maximise the return on client investments.

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