Virtual Reality is the next big thing but the simple truth is that most people do not understand the technology. Whats worse many do not know how to implement it effectively for the brand or marketing. Simply 360 bridges the gap between traditional marketing and successfully implementing 360 / VR content. This can be used for your existing marketing and social media channels.

When most people people think of 360 or VR content they think of Google Street View Maps or the need of a VR headset. The simple fact is that this technology is so much more diverse and we can help you implement it correctly. Using 360 alongside your existing media channel can greatly enhance your brands image. This is especially true in the realm of social media awareness and engagement. Having a strong background in marketing and IT, has given us a unique advantage and insight into this exciting technology.

As our founder says:

“Technology for the sake of technology is useless… unless it is understood and implemented correctly”

– Dimitri Cassimatis

Gone are the days of simply handing out cheap Google Cardboard headset with your brand on it. 360 content needs to be meaningful, relevant, eye catching and delivered in a way the user intuitively understands and can utilise.

360 & VR Marketing Consultant

Looking to take your brand into the next step of marketing and engagement? Simply 360 can help with the following:

Consultation & Training

If you are looking to implement or better understand 360 / VR. We are able to help devise a strategy for implementation. This can be in the form of:

  • General Consultation
  • Strategy
  • Implementation
  • Design / Concept
  • Location scouting
  • 360 / VR Training
  • Best Practice

We also offer a practical one on one session or corporate team training for 360 technology. These sessions are available on request. Teaching your marketing team the fundamentals of 360 will help them create more effective 360 marketing campaigns. It will give them the tools of the trade, insight and understanding to utilise the technology to it full potential.

360 & VR Production Content Creation

If you already have an idea you would like implemented, then we are available for hire. This can include to film, photograph and edit your content. Using the latest in 360 software and hardware we can capture exactly what you want. Delivering exactly what you are looking for in your next 360 / VR project. We produce 360 content in nothing less than 8K resolution to maintain quality . The fact is phones and TV’s are getting bigger with crisper and higher definition. 360 content needs to be in high quality to keep its sharpness even on large 4k screens or modern devices. Yet our content can auto-scale to various resolution for optimal experience.

Social Media Strategy & Implementation

Let your team do what they do best and lets take those ideas and maximise it in the 360 space. 360 social media content (photo, video and live stream) especially on Facebook has anywhere from a 2 to 10 fold engagement comparative to traditional media. If you are looking to create engaging and creative social media content using 360 photo an video we are able to work with your existing team to create something amazing. Simply creating a 360 photo  wont do anything.  Just like anything though, strategy and experience need to blend together to hit the mark. Let us work with your marketing / social media team either as a consultant or working together.

Contact us on 02 8091 3315 and speak with one of our 360 / VR experts. Alternatively you can email us or fill our the form on this page to take your business to the next level!