Many virtual tour companies/websites often show a picture of someone using a VR headset when talking about virtual tours. While that’s where they start to explain, it is usually where the explanation ends. The fact is that all the 360 virtual tours that Simply 360 creates are VR (virtual reality) enabled. Let’s explore what VR is, how it is used in a virtual tour and how to use them together effectively.

Our Virtual Tours Are VR Ready: Your Virtual Reality Experience Starts Here

Our Virtual Tours Are VR Ready Your Virtual Reality Experience Starts Here

What is VR (virtual reality)?

Virtual reality is a simulated experience through the use of computers. It allows a person to experience any imaginable environment (real or fantasy) through a VR headset. The range and scope of VR can include entertainment (such as video games), educational, military applications, business and more. In addition, a headset allows a person to give the user the feeling of a first-person perspective as though they are actually in the simulated environment. These can include what they see and hear when they move about the tour. Soon we will be able to also simulate smell to simulate what an environment smells like.

How does VR work with virtual tours?

At Simply 360, we can capture highly detailed environments, including 360 photo, 360 video and immersive 3D sound. Then, we edit and combine all these elements to create our high-end virtual tours to recreate an environment. Traditionally a person can experience any of these tours on their computer, tablet, iPad or smartphone to walk around, see additional content through hotspots and more. If you have a headset handy you can experience the below virtual tour below in VR.


Double click in the virtual tour to make it go fullscreen, or click here

How do I view a VR enabled virtual tour?

When a person is viewing the tour on a VR enabled device or smartphone, a little VR icon will appear. This means you can view the virtual tour using a headset or Google Cardboard device with your smartphone.

VR Headset Icon Example

Example of a VR Headset icon: colour and style will vary depending on clients branding, style and UI

The Benefits of 360 Virtual Tour and VR

While you can experience a virtual tour without a headset, it does add to the experience. Having a headset on hand to view the tour, you can feel like you are on location in person. This allows people to see and experience the location as though they are onsite firsthand. People can explore at their own pace from the comfort of their own home/work. We also developed virtual reality training experiences for some of our 360 virtual tours and experiences to help people learn and experience such encounters with ease. Additionally, for expos/tradeshows, this provides the most ideal solution of all. There are many venues, hotels or businesses that want to promote their space while at these events. By bringing a VR enabled headset, a person can effectively promote their space while at another.

All of our virtual tours have VR integration with specific strategies in place to maximise the experience. Check out our portfolio section to see a wide variety of examples that you can experience right now.


There are many advantages to using a VR headset with a virtual tour. While a headset is not needed to explore a virtual tour, they create an immersive experience that no other tool can even come close to. If you are looking to create a virtual tour / virtual experience contact us today on 9674 9090 or fill out the form on this page.

Did you wonder how a virtual tour can have a virtual reality element? Have you ever experienced a virtual tour using a VR headset? Let us know in the comments section and share your thoughts ?