One of the most common things I hear when it comes to Google Street View is that people always pretend they are from Google. The chances are that the person speaking to you over the phone is ‘Partnered‘ with Google and not from Google themselves. So they are a Google partner but not from Google? Whats the difference? Let’s Find Out!

From Google Or Not From Google (Street View)

From Google

This will sound obvious, but when someone calls up saying they are from Google, then he or she are employees by Google directly. This means that they work in their official offices in Pyrmont.

Partnered With Google

The simplest analogy to explain what it means to be employed by Google is very simple. Say you want to buy an iPhone from Apple. If I walk into the Apple retail store, I know that I am purchasing my iPhone directly from Apple. The people in the store work for Apple and so on.

If I walk into a Telstra, Optus, Virgin (and so on) store I can still buy an iPhone from them. The difference is that it is through agreements and partnerships (that they have) allowing me to purchase through these retail outlets. However just because you sell an iPhone does not mean you work for Apple. Sure you purchased an Apple product, but at the end of the day, they are re-sellers for Apple.

To be partnered with Google you need to meet very specific criteria to be even listed.


Simply 360 is a trusted Google Street View Partner

What’s The Big Deal / Who Cares

So at the end of the day, you have your photos taken, and they are put on Google Street View. The primary difference is that when we call you from Simply 360 you are dealing directly with Simply 360 (us). We are definitely partnered with Google, and you can check out the list here (filter to Australia – NSW – Sydney), and we are listed there.

Also, one common theme is that people who pretend to be Google are hard to find a few years later. We have had meetings with clients who say “we had Street View done a few years ago by Google, just call up Google, and you can get my stats”. They get a surprised look when they try to call Google and discover the truth. Sometimes people will call up and say I am from Google, but I am sending X company. Again this is another trick to get through the door. Another issue with these companies is that when you want to update your photos, you cannot find the original owner.

A Quality 360 Google Street View We did for Sweat Central

Things To Take Away

Whoever you choose to use for your Google Street View photography, there are only two things to keep in mind.

  1. Make sure they are at least ‘partnered’ with Google, this is easy to find on Googles Street View guide of Authorised 360 photographers.
  2. Most importantly make sure they say who they are.

Also, ask to see a portfolio of their past work to make sure their 360 photos are professional and of high quality. If you need any Google Street View photography for your business, be sure to contact us.

Have you had someone call you up claiming they were from Google Street View? Join the discussion and let us know in the comments section below 🙂